About us

Tryggid was founded on the conviction that insurance and data security was no longer fit for purpose in our fast-moving, hyper-connected world.
Our company is built by Swedish entrepreneurs from the insurance and cyber security industries. With the goal of being able to ensure people’s safety and integrity with technology.
So we set out to bridge the gap between the insurance and data security industry of today and the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

In 2019

We started off in the data security industry using real-time data (like darkweb, credit bureaus, and other data sources) to quantify, insure, and mitigate personal risks. We have since insured thousands of persons in the Nordic region, from families to entire companies and all their employees. Our technology has helped people use data online in safe way, reducing their risk exposure by 95% on average.

In 2020

We expanded into the rapidly evolving social media and email world. In the digital age, people’s data needs are constantly changing. They need a product policy that’s as agile and data-driven as they are. So we launched Tryggid Family to provide protection for the hyper-connected 21st century Nordic family.

But we’re not done yet!

The world is becoming even more connected and autonomous, bringing both amazing opportunities and complex risks. As the product of the future, Tryggid will not only pay claims if fraud occurs, we’ll also help our customers understand and mitigate their own risks to avoid things going wrong in the first place.

We are on a mission to make the world a safer, smarter place.