How our system works

It’s natural, you have questions. We are here to answer.

How does it work?

Surveillance online

With Tryggid Fraud Protection, your identity is monitored online around the clock, worldwide. We scan large amounts of data to be able to quickly detect if your login information, your social security number or payment and credit card information has been leaked.
Your personal information, email address and your payment and credit cards that you choose to monitor are encrypted and searched against various sites, including the Darkweb. If a “hit” occurs, we will notify you immediately via text message and/or email, and provide recommendations on what measures need to be taken in your specific case.

Why does my information need to be monitored?

Fraud has become more widespread and fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to access your sensitive information. Today, it is the most common form of crime in Nordic countries. That’s why we offer you Tryggid surveillance, the Nordic region’s only comprehensive surveillance. Surveillance protects and helps you against all forms of online and financial fraud, such as social manipulation, bankID fraud, vishing, ID theft, card debiting and account debiting.

How to activate your surveillance

Download Tryggid app and log in.
Verify your phone number.
Register your e-mail address.
You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Click on the link to verify!
Done! Now you can register the sensitive information and credit cards you want Tryggid to monitor.

How we use your information

When you activate your monitoring, Tryggid and our security partner will process your personal data in the following way:


No information about you is sent, disclosed or published on ordinary or “dangerous” and hidden pages on the Internet, instead, all surveillance / matching takes place in an isolated and secure tool in encrypted form.


Tryggid handles your personal information (name, social security number, address, telephone number and, where applicable, email addresses) to insure you, so that we and our invoicing partner can invoice, and send the necessary information to companies that help us with printing, packing, shipping, etc. We also use your personal information for purposes relating to customer service and marketing.

How do I get an alarm from you if my information has fallen into the wrong hands?

The alarm can be sent via text message or email, so you must verify your email address and your telephone number in our surveillance app in order to receive an alarm. When you receive an alarm from us, you will also receive recommendations on how to proceed, depending on what has happened.
If someone has misused your identity, your case will be processed by our fraud department, which will start an investigation with you. We will help you dispute any claims or invoices you have received, and help you restore your identity.

How does online surveillance work?

Your information is monitored online - around the clock, on both the open internet and on the internet’s hidden pages (Deep Web and Darknet). Email addresses, social security numbers, payment and credit card numbers with CVC codes, or other personal data are hard currency for criminals and are often available on the Deep Web and the Darknet due to computer leaks or when a site is hacked. Your information can then be used to commit crimes and fraud.
We monitor and notify you if a credit report is made on you or if there is a change in your address information.
Both the public and hidden parts of the Internet (Deep Web and Dark Net) are searched.
Large amounts of data are monitored online - in real time, globally, around the clock.
If your information (SSN, email addresses, cards, etc.) is discovered in the wrong places online, you will be alerted straight away.

When is my product active?

Your product is active, immediately, since the day you take it out. Our best interest is, and always will be, to protect you and your family. That’s a Tryggid promise :)