Terms & Conditions

Hello and welcome to our Terms & Conditions for when using Tryggid.com, as well as the service provided on the domain.

These Terms & Conditions ("the T&C") apply between Tryggid Europe OU, company registration number ("TryggId"), and you as a user ("User"or "you") of the service and the website.

1. General and Your Commitments

By visiting the website and using the service, you agree to the Tryggid T&C and privacy policy, which you will find here: www To use the service, you must be over 18 years of age and authorized to enter into agreements in accordance with Swedish law. 

When you use the service, in the event that you do not search for an email address belonging to yourself, you must have obtained consent from the person whose email address you enter into the service. You further commit to always using the website and the service according to Tryggid's instructions at any given time, regardless of whether they are found in the T&Cs, the Privacy Policy, or elsewhere on the website. You are also responsible for, and guarantee, that the information you upload or otherwise communicate on or via the website;

  • does not infringe on the rights of others and/or conflict with Swedish or other legislation; and 
  • that you have the right to dispose of such information.

2. Price and Payment

Some services are provided free of charge. However, Tryggid may add services, functions, and accessories that Tryggid will charge for. In such a case, you will need to actively enter into an agreement regarding such additions, whereby Tryggid will inform you of your payment obligation. Basic: (Finland) 23.98 € / month + 23.98 € start-fee Premium: (Finland) 29.99 € / month + 29.99 € start-fee Premium: (Norway) 249NOK / Month 249NOK start-fee Premium: (Denmark) 239DKK / Month 239DKK start-fee.

3. Liability and Breach of Contract

If Tryggid has reason to believe that the information you have provided to the company is incorrect, that you do not use it according to the commitments indicated above or otherwise use the service in a way that is not compatible with the T&Cs, Tryggid has the right to restrict your access to the website and the service. However, such a measure will only lead to charges for the subscription period in which the service has been used, when using chargeable services. 

You are not entitled to compensation for damages, such as loss of profit or other damages, provided that there is no gross negligence on the part of Tryggid. Tryggid is not responsible for damage that arises due to the content of data or other information that is conveyed during the use of the service or the User's actions taken as a result of using the service. Tryggid is also not responsible for damage caused by computer viruses or similar, delays, distortions, or loss of data or for the User's possible third party liability. 

The service is a search service that can help you detect irregularities connected to your computer and/or your personal data at an early stage. Therefore, Tryggid takes no responsibility for any financial damage caused to you due to unauthorized third-party usage of your personal data, bank details, computer, credit card, ID card, or similar. Nor does Tryggid provide any assurance that such unauthorized use is detected by the service. You are responsible for taking the appropriate actions when the service makes you aware of the fact that someone may have used your personal data for undue purposes. In order to avoid misunderstandings, Tryggid will not compensate for any damage that has occurred, either directly or indirectly, due to unauthorized use of your identity, credit card, ID document, hacking into your computer, or otherwise intruding on your privacy.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Users are not entitled to use Tryggid's trademarks or company beyond what is required for using the service in accordance with the T&Cs.

5. Force Majeure

If Tryggid is prevented from fulfilling its obligations in accordance with the T&Cs or the Privacy Policy due to circumstances which the company could not reasonably control, which they could not reasonably be expected to have anticipated and whose consequences they could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, including but not limited to labour disputes, war, fire, lightning, rebellion, terrorist attack, embargo, government intervention, government provision or law, failure or delay in subcontractor services due to circumstances stated here, and other circumstances beyond Tryggid's control, given that Tryggid to a reasonable extent tried to limit the damage, this shall constitute a ground for exemption which entails the advance of time for performance and exemption from sanction.

6. Cookies

When you visit the website or use the service on your computer, tablet or other device, Tryggid stores a text file on the device so that Tryggid can provide information to the website and/or the service. By visiting the website and/or using the service, you agree that Tryggid can collect and save certain technical information (so-called cookies) on the device used to visit the website and/or use the service. 

You always have the option to deny the use of cookies in your browser settings. We want to make you aware that by disabling cookies, your user experience on the website and/or the services may deteriorate, as this may prevent you from using all the features on the website and/or the service.

7. Transfer

Tryggid has the right to transfer their rights and obligations at any time in accordance with the T&Cs, provided that the acquiring company can reasonably be expected to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the T&Cs to the satisfaction of the User. If Tryggid transfers its rights and obligations according to these T&Cs, the acquirer replaces Tryggid as a party. The acquirer is in turn entitled to transfer those acquired rights and obligations to another party. 

8. Additions and Changes

The latest version of the T&Cs governing visits to the website and use of the service can always be found on the website tryggid.com. Tryggid reserves the right to make minor changes coming into force two (2) weeks after the changes in the T&Cs have been published on the website. The latest version of the T&Cs replaces any and all previous versions. When visiting the website and/or using the service after the changes have come into force, the changes are considered accepted. The same applies to other documents which are subject to the T&Cs.

9. Disputes and Applicable law

Any dispute arising from the T&C shall be determined by the Swedish General Court in accordance with Swedish law.